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About Bet-at-home

With the existence of several sportsbook in the market, Bet-at-home stands as one of the best. This is a bookmaker that has been in service for quite a while now. In addition, many people are relying on its services. It offers different types of sports and it also supports over 18 languages.

This bookie was officially founded and launched in Australia, back in 1999. It is rated as one of the top bookmakers that offer highly reliable services. It is also known for its integrity ever since it started offering the online betting and gambling services. Since its conception, Bet-at-home serves more than 3 million customers from different parts of the world. Other than its integrity, the sportsbook also offers a wide range of offers. It offers promotions to existing and new customers as well.

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Available Sports

The sportsbook covers different sports from around the world. Also, the sports betting covers a bigger percentage. This is in comparison to other gambling games that are available on the sportsbook. The available sports are mostly from Europe.

Football or soccer, is the major sports covered or played by most bettors. Under football, the English Premier League is the most populous among the customers. This is because the EPL is the most active football league across the world. Other than the EPL, the sports book also covers the Spanish La Liga. There are also football leagues from Mexico, the US, and other countries.

Other sports covered on this sportsbook include:

  • Tennis
  • Water polo
  • Volleyball
  • Boxing
  • Baseball
  • American Football

  • Martial arts
  • Darts
  • Cricket
  • Winter sports
  • Rugby
  • Motor racing

  • Lacrosse
  • Ice hockey
  • Handball
  • Golf
  • Futsal
  • Badminton

These are the most common sports that you will find on Bet-at-home.

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Website Design and Layouts

One of the things that deserve a high star rating on Bet-at-home is the website layout and design. The home page of the site is very catchy and friendly. You can be sure of understanding all that is included in the site, thanks to the language flexibility. There are 20 languages that you can choose at the lower part of the page.

The homepage is well designed to allow you learn about all the new features. You will view the top stories or events, which come in a slideshow. The listing of the available sports is arranged on the left section.

Bet-at-home: website screenshot:

Bet-at-home website overview

There is another vital information like the live betting, which allows you to follow it. A section is also available to show the “Top Bets” and the “Last Minute Bets“. These sections are easier to access, especially if you need to place a wager. If you want to bet in the In-Play feature, you will easily access it on the home page. The contact section can also be accessed without much difficulty.

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Betting Coverage

There are a number of betting offers at Bet-at-home. When it comes to sports betting, this sportsbook is one of the best. There are approximately 7,000 bets that are available every day. For instance, you can choose more than 43 betting choices for the English Premier League matches. The Back Payments for the sports betting has one of the best values. This is in comparison to other sportsbooks available. If the range of the sports is large, the value can be higher. In addition, the sportsbook will show you with the early odds that increase the value of the sports.

Generally, this sportsbook offers one of the best betting options. With the major football leagues like the EPL, you will enjoy more than the usual. You will not just enjoy the normal head-to-head betting or goal total betting. Also, there are more than the usual long-term outright markets. Conversely, there is a great range of interesting options for the available matches. You will be allowed to bet on other detailed information on the football matches. For instance, you can bet on whether there will be a sending off or a penalty. In addition, you will enjoy other betting options on the football matches. In the betting list, you can find other betting options like the half-time and the full-time scores. In general, you will have an option of the final score. This one applies especially if there will be an extra time and an Additional extra time (AET). You will be sure of enjoying more when you are placing your bets on this sportsbook.

There are Horse Racing Betting, which is one of the best and most played. If you do not provide the daily markets on the Kings Sport, it will show that you are short of the resources. The horse racing betting will give you the chance of enjoying a significant turnover every day. Nonetheless, this will need you to be more attentive. This will be needed when you want to trade the risk and also, adjust the prices perfectly. If you want to enjoy the financial interest in different racing and sports, you might be put off. This is because there is limited coverage.

You will also have access to the Greyhound racing, which has a lower turnover. When you click or follow the Greyhound racing link, you will be redirected to a new page. This is more or less virtual racing, whereby the race replays are accompanied by the odds.

There are about 20 pre-match markets that are available on the UEFA Champions League matches. A similar amount is available on the In-Play betting. This will only be accessed when you are playing or betting on a game on the In-Play betting feature.

There are all the standard markets, which include the Over Goals and Under Goals propositions. You can also place your bets on the total number of goals that every team has scored.

Bet-at-home: Betting coverage and Odds (Example: UEFA Champions League)

bet-at-home odds and betting coverage

There are other sports that also have a strong betting coverage, including tennis, volleyball, handball and ice hockey. These games are most participated by customers from Scandinavia and Europe.

What about the Odds at Bet-at-home?

The odds are quite friendly though Bet-at-home will not take much chance with the prices that they offer. This implies that you will most probably that there is a bigger odd with the outsider in a football match. The odds will be greater than the favorite. Basically, this sportsbook will suit you if you are more of a recreational bettor. It might not please you as such if you are a big hitter.

The soccer wagering scores at around 60%. This might be slightly lower than most of the other sportsbook, but it is worth the try. The traders will maintain their margins for the In-Play markets. This implies that they offer better deals for the live betting. There are various types of bets like the Multi-way bet, the single, combi or system bets.

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Bet-at-home promotions

The promotions at the sportsbook are very friendly. They cater for the new and the existing customers as well. For the new members, they will get a free sign-up bonus of about 100%, which is equivalent to a maximum of £80. There is also a 50% bonus of a maximum of £50. These two offers have amazing requirements. Also, they are towards the lower concession ends that are offered by most of the competitors the sportsbook. The amount will vary from one country to another. This implies that the currency will also vary.

Winner of the day offer

The existing members also enjoy a lot of offers that are available at the sportsbook. For instance, there is a free €50 offer that is available each day. This one will be given to one customer, through the Winner of the day offer. The winner is selected randomly from the customers that are available online. Suppose the winner logs on in their account prior to 11:59 pm of the similar day of winning, their account will be credited with other winnings. If the winner doesn’t log on to their account within the same day, the winnings will be reverted and a new winner will be selected. The good thing about it all is that the winner of the day will be alerted via a message.

Basically, the welcome bonus of the new members will vary from time to time. In addition, it will depend on the current sports event. For instance, there are some major sporting events like the European Championship, the World Cup, or the Olympic Games. All these are top sporting events that will affect the welcome bonus of the new members. There are also some weekly promotions that are open to the existing players.

Claim your Bonus

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Live Betting feature

The live betting feature is one of the most recognized features of this sportsbook. The sportsbook will allow the players to place their bets on an ongoing game. This is most common with the football games. For instance, you can change your bets as the game is being played. Nonetheless, you will need to ensure that you close or finalize your bet before the final whistle. This feature is very reliable and worth trying. If you want to alter your bet, you can do so within the game.

There is a solid menu for the In-Play live betting. This menu contains all the daily events that you can trade on. Whatever game you want to take part in, it will be displayed on the menu. You can also view all the available games for the In-Play betting. This can be done by clicking on the Live Betting Calender. You will also be able to go through the upcoming games that are available for the in-play betting.

In-Play feature at Bet-at-Home (mode: Classic view):

bet-at-home in-play feature

The in-play feature is well developed and you can use it even on your bet-at-home mobile app or mobile site. Read more information about bet-at-home thru your mobile device.

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Deposit and Withdraw methods

Bet-at-home is very friendly when it comes to making transactions. You will be able to make your deposit using all the major banking cards.

Some of the major methods and options of transactions include:

  • Visa / Master cards
  • Diners Club
  • Bank transfers
  • PaySafeCard
  • Ukash
  • Skrill
  • Moneta Ru
  • Neteller

These are the most common deposit options, which are very flexible.

The withdrawal options are also quite flexible since they go through the same process. You will use the major banking cards and the bank transfer. In addition to the deposit options, you can use Webmoney to withdraw your money.

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Bet slip feature

bet slip option - combi
The bet slip will always be available when you have selected the odds on the events that you want to bet on. The bet slip of Bet-at-home will be seen at the right corner on top of the screen. Here, you can insert your stake per bet, then wait for confirmation. Once you it has been confirmed, you will place your bet and wait for the outcome.

You might also choose from the betting options that are available on the bet slip. For example, you can choose a

  • multiway
  • system
  • combi
  • or single bet

You can decide to print the bet slip once you have confirmed the bets that you prefer.

You can also request for it to be sent via the email address that you originally used to sign up for the sportsbook.

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Note: You must log in to be able to place your bet!

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Customer Support

The customer service of Bet-at-home is one of the most reliable. The support service is offered on a 24-hour basis, every day. The 24/7 support service includes other services like telephone, live chat and emailing. That doesn’t end there. There is also a Q&A section that offers more information to the user. This is a page that will be pop up when you click on the link. You will have access to some of the most asked questions about this sports book. This section will allow you to bet when you are filled with the right set of information. You will be sure of betting when you are fully equipped and knowledgeable about whatever you intend to do.

Bet-at-home contact details:

Company address: Internet Ltd. Entertainment Ltd. Portomaso Business Tower, Level 12 STJ 4011, St. Julian’s

Sports betting
Phone: +356-21314833
Fax: +356-20102590
E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: +356-20102577
E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: +356-20102577
E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: +356-20102577
E-mail: [email protected]

E-mail: [email protected]

Affiliate Assistance
E-mail: [email protected]

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Generally, if you are a great fun of sports, then Bet-at-home is what you need. You will be sure of achieving more from the sportsbook even thru their mobile site or app. In addition, you will have access to more sports and win even more. The website is quite easy to use and in addition, it has an elegant display. Even though the odds are not as attractive as other sportsbook, it has one of the best offers. The Winner of the day feature allows you to stand a chance of winning more from it. There is a 24/7 customer support that gives you the best information and help. The live chat is also quite responsive and you will be sure of betting without much difficulty.

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Bet-at-home is a great bookmaker with a lot of bonus offer for new and existing customers. It's design and betting coverage could satistify every professional punter. The company claims that their odds are one of the best available online. Bet-at-home offers 100% bonus for its new customers and a regular promotions for its existing players. Join now and claim your reward.

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